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When you become a monthly donor, you become what we call a “Pill Reformer” – – a special kind of donor that recognizes that in order to address systemically complicated issues related to medication injuries and deaths, predictable funds will be needed to help sustain and grow the work for real actions that help lower medication harms, push for fair policies/legislation to better protect consumers, and equip communities with medication safety resources and support.

As a monthly donor, you’ll receive:

  • The convenience of automatic monthly giving with the ability to cancel at any time
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  • A year-end statement of your total giving for tax reporting purposes
  • Regular updates about how your donation is making a difference

Reform now! Over 100,000 people die annually because of a medication

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Safest Drug is an independent non-profit organization. Per our Gift Policy, we do not accept, nor solicit, donations directly from pharmaceutical corporations or any company that may restrict us from speaking out freely. 

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