Wear Blue Campaign 2020

Thanks for participating in 2020’s SJS campaigning.

During the week of August 17 to 21, help us draw attention to Stevens Johnson Syndrome, a severe medication reaction that affects 1 to 2 people per million every year.

what is Stevens Johnson Syndrome?

Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is a severe skin reaction most often triggered by particular medications. SJS often begins with a fever and flu-like symptoms. Within a few days, the skin begins to blister and peel, forming very painful raw areas called erosions that resemble a severe hot-water burn. About 10% of SJS victims die. When more than 30% of a person’s body is suffering from this medication-induced skin reaction, a person is then diagnosed with toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) and about 50% of those victims will die. Aside from medical bills and emotional trauma, SJS survivors may deal with permanent physical scars, lung issues and blindness. People of all races/ethnicities, ages, and genders can get SJS.

How can I participate in #wearblue4sjs week?

post a photo

Wear blue any day during SJS awareness week (August 17 through 21), take a photo of yourself and post it online tagging #wearblue4sjs. Tell people why you support SJS awareness and why they should too.

attend an event

Join us on August 20th at 3pm to 4pm EST for a special online event with our resident clinical pharmacist, Marina Entin. She’ll tell you more about this devastating medication reaction, why it’s important to know what it is and how you can recognize the early signs and symptoms.


Donate to Safest Drug’s mission and help us launch education campaigns or support victims of medication harm. Send a quick donation via Venmo “safestdrug” or text “safestdrug” to 44-321.

Know how to prevent SJS

Consider genetic testing before taking certain prescriptions. These tests (also called pharmacogenetics or pharmacogenomics) can help identify your medication sensitivities.

If you’ve had SJS before and it was caused by a medication (and others like it), avoid taking the medication that triggered it. This is key to preventing a recurrence, which could be more severe or fatal.

Participate in the fight against all medication harms

Raising awareness about Stevens Johnson Syndrome is just one part of a much larger movement we’re trying to build. So, support and participate in state and national level efforts to help make sure patients and consumers are never injured, disabled or killed because of a medication.