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Medication harm impacts every single person living in America, either directly or indirectly. So, there’s an enormous imperative that we all act to do something about this public health problem. Here are some ways you can act today:

  • Identify your local leaders and pharmacies who have the capacity to prevent medication harm. Then, refer them to our program development team so that we can engage them as a partner.
  • Create an intentional commitment, starting today, to report adverse drug reactions to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). There’s an under-reporting in America and without reports, medication safety issues go undetected for many months, or even years.
  • Browse our resources page and share one link with one person today.
  • Help us raise awareness about medication harm on social media using #endmedicationharm. Tag others and aim to get as many people involved in the conversation of medication harm.
  • Develop your own “take action” memorandum & share it.


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