50,000 Safer: FAQs

Why should anyone get tested?

Pharmacogenetics testing can’t provide an answer on medication response for every medication being sold and marketed to U.S. consumers but, in some circumstances, it can help identify issues related to how well someone may or may not be able to metabolize certain medications. The testing results become knowledge that can then be used to inform which medications (and how much of a dose) can be prescribed for numerous drugs where the science has uncovered a genetic understanding. The results can be used to help lower a person’s risk of experiencing adverse drug reactions with safer prescribing on a number of commonly prescribed FDA-approved medications.

Who is eligible to participate in the 50,000 Safer program?

Anyone can participate in 50,000 Safer. However, there are certain individuals who may not benefit from testing. Learn more about eligibility requirements HERE.

What do program participants receive from Safest Drug?

People who sign up receive one-on-one support and guidance from our program team who will help participants connect with a certified lab provider. The program was designed to help patients and their families understand and navigate the testing process from start (receiving a test kit) through completion (receiving their test results), as that supported is needed.

Is 50,000 Safer a research study?

No, this is not a research study. It is a support and education program.

Does Safest Drug perform the testing?

No, we do not. We help patients connect with certified lab providers who will then conduct the actual testing.

Who pays for testing and how much is it?

The certified lab provider will work with your health insurance provider to determine coverage for the test. There is a chance that your health insurance provider will cover the full or partial cost of pharmacogenetic testing, but the certified lab provider will work with each patient to figure that out.

I don’t have any health insurance. Can I still be tested?

If you want to be tested, but you do not have health insurance and are experiencing financial hardship, or are living in a household with limited income, please email us at contact@safestdrug.org

With Covid-19, I do not want to travel anywhere for testing. Can patients take the test at home?

Yes, we are only referring patients to certified lab providers who are able to offer at-home testing options if the patient is unable, or does not feel comfortable, taking the test at their healthcare provider’s office.

Will I receive a copy of my pharmacogenetic testing results?

Most certified labs will ensure healthcare providers receive copies of the testing results. Patients can receive a copy by submitting a request to their healthcare provider (or) to the lab. Safest Drug does not receive copies of testing results for any patients supported by the 50,000 Safer program.