1) Shop on Amazon using our Amazon Smile link, or the Amazon’s app, and select Safest Drug as your charity of choice. Then, whenever you purchase eligible Amazon Smile products, Amazon will set aside a portion of the purchase and make a corporate donation to Safest Drug.

2) Start a Facebook Fundraiser (100% of the proceeds go back to Safest Drug since Facebook does not charge a fee on all donations raised through their site).

3) Create a tribute and give in honor of someone, or mail in your tribute gift to: Safest Drug, 325 Ellington Blvd #308, Gaithersburg, MD 20878.

4) Become a Corporate Sponsor (or) designate Safest Drug to receive Matching Gifts from your employer.

5) Start an Online Rally. Go “live” on social media and tell people why you support Safest Drug’s work and why they should care about medication injuries and deaths too. Encourage donations by asking people to text “pills” to 44321 and they’ll receive an immediate secure weblink to their cell phone to donate. Share facts & statistics about medication harm during your rally or do something else creative!