Get to know our mission, vision, and history.

In January 2019, Safest Drug incorporated as a nonprofit in North Carolina with just one idea in mind – – to help make sure no one ever died or became injured from a medication in the United States. We wanted to do this by deploying charitable efforts that would reach every state and locality.

By June 2019, we decided on a Mission:

To prevent and alleviate medication-related illness, disability, and death (medication harm) in the United States.

At the same time, we set our Vision:

To one day see a society free of medication harm.

With a percentage of medication use being associated with over 100,000 deaths and millions of injuries annually, we approach medication harm as a preventable and urgent public health problem.

A core belief we hold is that with an organized effort we can create “medication safe” communities — collaborating with an array of community supporters, partners, and individuals in government, healthcare, industry, academia. We can also raise awareness about medication harm and, perhaps, change the national dialogue and tone towards this issue so that it involves more than a conversation on a certain drug class (like prescription opioids) and blossoms into a broader conversation on all medication or drug classes.

Since our founding, we have significantly grown our volunteer workforce and have launched multiple initiatives to help people and communities make medication harm a priority with prevention and action.

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